● Won the recognition of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in 2022 and was awarded the "Technology Security Enterprise"; ● Won the title of "2022 Digital Government Innovation Achievements and Practical Cases"; ● Won the third prize in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Science and Technology Innovation Achievements Selection Activity, and was awarded the title of "Technology Security Enterprise" at the High-tech Fair Won the "Excellent Enterprise Award" at the Enterprise Digital Transformation Summit; ● The company became a joint training and internship base for graduate students of the IMBA program of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and senior executives were appointed as off-campus tutors; ● The first batch of the country to be awarded the "Data Intellectual Property Registration Certificate" , reported by major media; "A quasi-real-time scheduling method and system" obtained an invention patent; ● Participated in the construction of Shenzhen smart statistics projects le
The company was elected as the president unit of the Shenzhen Enterprise Evaluation Association; its smart job government software development cloud platform was awarded the commendation of the Shenzhen Digital Government Bureau; the company won the second prize for scientific and technological progress for its "data-driven key technologies and applications of urban smart governance systems" ; The company won the Outstanding Smart City Partner Award at the 2021 Huawei China Ecosystem Conference; the "Economic Brain" product developed by the company won the 2021 Digital Government Product Technology Innovation Award.
The company develops epidemic risk monitoring products to assist epidemic prevention and control; it joins hands with Huawei to jointly release a joint solution for smart city economy and industry; the "Qianhai Smart Economic Management and Enterprise Service System" it built won the 2020 Government Information Product Technology Innovation Award .
The company has built the industry's first smart city "economic brain" that integrates industrial services and economic operation analysis; it has joined hands with Huawei to participate in the construction of Foshan City Nanhai District City Brain and Dongguan City Smart City Operation Center projects; Smart statistical systems have been implemented in many regions; “Quace” won the 2019 Chinese Government Informatization Program Case Innovation Award.
The "Quice" and "Fangfafa" products developed by the company were officially put into operation; it joined hands with Huawei to jointly build the Shenzhen Smart City Operation Center project and joined the Smart City Alliance; the Fuzhou District Economic Early Warning Monitoring System it built won the Commended by the State Council; the Chenggang District Smart City Operation Center that participated in the construction won the National Smart City Innovation Award.

The company has officially reached cooperation with Huawei on the smart city IOC construction project. Its enterprise service products are integrated and used by Ping An OneConnect/Tianan Cyber ​​City and major campuses. The economic early warning monitoring system developed by the company empowers governments in many places to hold economic situation meetings. Analysis session.

The company developed and delivered the first industrial map, and the financial risk early warning system it developed was rated as an outstanding innovation case in Qianhai.

The company proposed the development concept of "digital empowerment, good governance and business development", and the enterprise's open and shared data platform was officially launched.

Year 2014
The company was officially established and became the first mixed-ownership enterprise under the Qianhai Administration Bureau.
Development Process
Rapid development, bringing beauty into every detail of life.